A Day in Gurukul

  • Meditation- 30 minutes

                   (for peace of mind).

  • Silence- 30 minutes.


  • Physical fitness- 45 minutes.

             Exercises, yoga, trekking, personal hygiene, swimming etc.


  • Cleanliness and physical labour-45 minutes.

             Residential sanitation, gardening, weekly shramadaan etc.


  • Teaching and learning- 7 hours.

          Enjoyable and experiments and student-oriented education.

  • Reading- 30 minutes (Library books, magazines etc.).


  • Games- 90 minutes

          International as well as local outdoor and indoor games

  • Various extra-curricular activities- 60 minutes.

            Story- telling, quiz, extra-curricular science experiments,  singing, elocution etc.)

  • Current affairs- 30 minutes. (DD news).



  • Healthy diet

          Milk every morning, snacks in the morning and evening                     and two meals

  • Rest- 7 hours.

Daily Special Programmes:

Daily Diary:

Daily diary is written every night before going to sleep.

Study Diary:

students take review of their own daily study which helps them to make improvement in their studies.

Daily Question for Pondering:

one question related to life is identified for thorough and meticulous thinking and each one is asked to write on the question in depth.