Weekly and Monthly Programmes

Programmes for personality development are organised daily in the evenings for one hour. These are planned on fortnightly and monthly basis. This responsibility is shouldered by one teacher over 4-5 students. New concepts and ideas are included in these programmes. They are-

  • Quiz competition: To increase G.K. thereby, creating interest in general reading.
  • CD screening: Screening of CDs on various subjects followed by discussion and action.
  • Elocution: students are given 15 days to prepare on a subject and present the same in front of the entire Gurukul. Suitable students are selected for district and state- level competitions.
  • Extra-curricular scientific activities: To develop scientific and critical aptitude of the students. Teachers also participate in these activities.
  • Debates: To develop rational thinking and communication skills.
  • Question- answer sessions: To develop curiosity and to stimulate thinking among students and teachers.
  • Drama: To develop dramatic, acting skills in students. Small dramas and skits of 20-25 minutes are prepared on various subjects and presented before the entire Gurukul.
  • Singing: To develop the ability to sing as well as listen to music. Antaksharis are organized.
  • Memorising: To remember good thoughts of life, patriotic songs, some stanzas, paragraphs, prayers etc. which stimulate morals and ethics in the students by providing value education.
  • Meetings: For day to day management and discussion of personal problems. Meetings are organised for 20 students guided by a teacher.
  • Film club: For entertainment and also for acquiring new information. Marathi, Hindi and English movies are screened and many times documentaries on various subjects are also shown.
  • Extra-curricular reading: To develop interest in reading and to acquire deep knowledge about a choice of subjects. The library has a variety of books on many subjects and the students are promoted and inspired to read.
  • Wall Magazine: To promote thinking and writing skills. Joint activity of the students and teachers who pen new and innovative articles, poems, jokes, paintings etc.
  • Knowing nature: students and teachers go trekking into the nearby mountains regularly to enjoy and understand the nature.
  • Talking board: To develop thinking and writing skills. Boards are displayed at various places in the campus on which students and teachers paste cuttings of articles, poems, pictures, jokes etc.
  • Expert guidance: To know and understand the different areas of interest. For this purpose, experts in the field are invited for discussion.