Well- wishers

  • The Gurukul can find the solutions to all the current problems of the society.    - Dr. V.S. Tamhankar (educationalist)
  • My life would have been more fulfilling if i had an opportunity to study in such a Gurukul.   - Late Mr. Sudhir Phadke
  • The Gurukul has the strength to create miracles which can convert stones into flowers.   - Hon. Nanaji Deshmukh
  • The Gurukul manifests the best combination of Indian values and present social needs.  - V.V. Chiplunkar (educationalist)
  • The Gurukul is a unique school to realize social consciousness and commitment.   - Weekly Vivek Today
  • I have seen the school of my dreams.   - Sursh Navle
  • This Gurukul is a Tapobhoomi which emits inspiration even to political leaders.   - Sumitra Mahajan (Union Minister)