Mr. Rajjak pathan

I’m working in the Sondara Gurukul as an instructor since 2006-07. In true sense instead of teaching as a teacher I learnt many things and still continue to do so. There is a rule to do something new in the Gurukul daily. Stress is given to practise new things rather than just following others. The traditional education system is bypassed and a combination of science and spirituality is practised to develop good quality of teachers and students.

This also helps me to develop myself. There is familial relationship round the clock among students and teachers of the Gurukul which results in open discussions in good, pleasurable environment. Students are entrusted smaller responsibilities which help them to participate in the management of the Gurukul. This helps to inculcate leadership qualities and sense of responsibility among them.

The most important thing in the view of the instructors is the 10 days workshop at the beginning of every year. All the instructors participate and plan for the rest of the year. In the Gurukul students are motivated to learn by self and we instructors play the role of catalyst.

Ten values are the fundamentals of the Gurukul- Honesty, giving your best, consistency, acceptability, better communication, perfection, planning, creativity, continuity and thoughtful action. I’m very happy that I’m a part of the Gurukul .


Mrs. Suvarna Pawar

I got the opportunity to work in the Gurukul since 2007. Here, there is simultaneous development of students and teachers, both.I feel proud that I am a member of this Gurukul.

Group thinking for smart planning is the basic characteristic of the Gurukul which is practiced with mutual understanding and respect. Hence, everybody accepts the responsibility happily.

Many new aspects of science have also been introduced and practised.


Mr. Laxman B. Ardad

I’m working as an instructor in the Gurukul since June 2011. In the Gurukul, new things are adopted in day to day activities and most importantly, honesty is given top priority here. My own thinking and horizons have widened because of the Gurukul.

The objective of life is not to earn money but to earn happiness has been materialized through “Happy Thoughts’’. There is good team work here. Therefore, daily activities are carried out smoothly and without tension. The target of developing the teachers along with the students is a quality that i appraise. I also appreciate the natural beauty and the facilities provided by the Gurukul.