Parents’ Meet (Palak Melava):

Parents, teachers and students- These are the important pillars of education. Family has been given great importance in the Indian society as a result of which students and parents enjoy a special bond. Hence, the parents’ contribution in education and management of the Gurukul is underlined. The parents’ Meet is organised every year for a period of two days.


Trips are presumed to be powerful tools for education. They teach a lot by simple and pleasurable means. Hence, such educational trips are organized by the Gurukul regularly. The unique features of these trips are-

  • Two trips are organised every year: 1) A one-day trip in monsoon. 2) A trip of 3-5 days duration.
  • The one-day monsoon trip is planned to visit an important place or educational project in Marathwada region.
  • The 3-5 days trip is organised during the second semester (after Diwali). Different places of historical, educational or industrial importance are paid visit during these.
  • The state transport buses are used to conduct these trips.
  • The expenditure is borne by parents and is also supported by well-wishing persons and organisations.
  • Special trips organised to Delhi and Chitrakut in Madhya Pradesh by railway.

Summer Happy Camp:

This is for students outside the Gurukul for a period of 10 days. Holidays are of special importance for students as this keep them away from the routine. It gives opportunity for new creation, nature walks, swimming, observing different birds, animals, plants etc.

Objectives of the Summer Happy Camp:

  • To give scope to the hidden qualities of the students.
  • Training for swimming, trekking, karate etc.
  • To bring children closer to the nature.
  • To inculcate qualities like self-reliance, leadership, respect towards physical labour, group work etc.

Structure: A batch consists of 100 boys and girls from 5th to 10th class. The camp is organised by experienced teachers and subject experts for the duration of 10 days.


The Gurukul was founded on 21st of July, 1986, the auspicious day of Gurupornima. On this day, the celebrations are dedicated to the birthday of the Gurukul and to highlight the importance of the Guru. The evaluation of the previous year is done and future directions are planned. Books, which are symbols of the Guru, are worshipped in the morning and discussions are held on subjects like what is Gurupornima? What do we understand by Guru? etc. which is followed by Gurudakshina and the Prasad.

Pandit Deendayalji and Shri. Nanaji Jayanti:

The birthdays of these two personalities are celebrated with two main objectives-

  1. To introduce Pandit Deendayalji and Shri. Nanaji to the people and
  2. To give scope to the hidden qualities in the students and the teachers.

Keeping these 2 objectives in mind, a week’s celebration is organised by conducting various programmes and activities.

Health check-up camp

Annually a team of doctors from Beed conduct a health check-up camp for all students.