Social Development has two main factors: 1. Development at individual level. 2. Comprehending the present social situation.

Various programmes are organised by the Gurukul to focus on these factors:

  • The principle that ‘Every individual is a responsible citizen’ is implied in the development at individual level. Special attention is given to interpersonal relationships, duties and responsibilities. The social life in the Gurukul stresses the importance of accepting and sharing responsibilities, effective communication with everyone and self-reliance. This helps to construct a responsible attitude in the students. To make the student self-reliant in future, stress is given on vocational- based training like Chalk-making, screen printing, welding, greeting- card making etc. But, because it has not been included in the Board’s curriculum and there is lack of skilled trainers, time constraints and priorities, the programme faces many problems and setbacks.
  • For social development, it is essential to have sensible individuals. To sensitize the students, the Gurukul focuses on understanding the current social conditions and exposes the students to experience it for themselves. This includes reading newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, formal as well as informal dialogues, group discussions, paying visits to people in the nearby areas and discussing with them their problems to understand them better and in minute detail.

Seeing various aspects of society