Intellect is the core factor of the development of personality. Globally, intellectual development is the objective of education which has been confirmed by scientific research this field and the curriculum developed. At present, the education system of the Gurukul has been developed on constructive strategies focusing on the students’ and teachers’ creativity.

Two important factors of intellectual development are: 1. Welfare and value based rational thinking. 2. Creativity.

Programmes for intellectual development:

  • Government of Maharashtra approved std. 5th to 10th curriculum.
  • Participation in competitive exams (general knowledge, NTS, MTS, scholarship, Navodaya etc.)
  • E- Learning.
  • Project Based Learning.
  • Use of natural resources for teaching and learning.
  • Creative activities in teaching and learning.
  • Computer Education.
  • Well-equipped library with 5000 books.
  • Curricular and extra-curricular Scientific experiments.
  • Educational tours.
  • Weekly display of ‘Good Thoughts’ on the blackboard.
  • Mental training for intellectual development.
  • Special focus on Sspoken English.
  • Preparation for various competitions and exams.
  • Experts’ guidance.
  • Viewing of TV news and other programmes.