The human body is the ultimate gift of nature to man. Physical development during the student-life results in a healthy and enjoyable life thereafter. For this reason, physical development is very important. It includes 2 factors:

  1. To develop and promote good health.
  2. To diagnose and treat diseases at the earliest.

On the basis of these 2 factors the Gurukul practises the following activities- Programmes for physical fitness:

  • Regular excercise- dhrutayog, surya namaskar, yoga, trekking, running.
  • Pranayama- nadi shuddhi, bhastrika, anulom vilom, kapalbhati.
  • Provision of weekly medical check-up by specialist from Beed, availability of first aid box and preventive helpful Ayurvedic extracts to promote health.
  • Games- outdoor games every day for one and a half hour. Like Kabaddi, kho-kho, cricket, badminton, personal games, local rural games, swimming, various competitions etc.
  • Labour- centred activities like washing your own clothes and utensils, environmental sanitation, serving of food, gardening and weekly 1 hour labour donation.
  • Pure vegetarian, balanced diet.
  • Inclusion of vegetables, fruits (harvested from the Gurukul’s organic farm), milk in daily diet.
  • Regular check-up of personal hygiene by group leader.
  • Annual physical check up by specialists.