Director of Sondara Gurukulalm Shri. Sudam Bhodnve speaking about his education system


Mr. Sudam Bhondve

Education has two main aspects. First is: training for skills. There are number of ways and method to learn and teach the skills in the contemporary world. To acquire skills there is a need for the development of mind and body. Such skills can be acquired by self-study and through guidance. They result in accomplishment of materialistic needs. And simultaneously opportunity to serve society. It is very important to make available such education specially in rural area.

Second aspect of education is to get complete pleasure, happiness. This is manifested as development of hidden qualities and values in human being. Good qualities are developed by correct guidance, personal will and motivation.

The combination of these two aspects leads to the complete education of an individual. To develop such education system is the need of today through which the present existing problems can be solved and a highly developed social system can be evolved. Gurukul is trying to contribute with the help of education and research.