In addition to educational objectives, the Gurukul is also committed for social development in the following ways:

  • Making education available for free to 100 students and at a subsidised rate to 50 students belonging to the weaker sections of the society.
  • Help extended to the fire victims of the nearby Rohatwadi village.
  • Help extended to the victims of the Gujrat and Khillari (Latur) earthquakes.
  • Help extended to the flood affected population of Gevrai taluka (Beed). •
  • Value education classes conducted in 7 villages in the vicinity of the Gurukul which has benefited nearly 700 students.
  • The Gurukul facilitates the Ideal Teacher, Ideal Farmer, Ideal Mother and the Ideal Student every year.
  • ‘Baljagat’ programme organised for 2500 students of the area.