Environmental science is taught to the students’ directly through action and not only by reading books. For this, following programmes are undertaken:

  • One tree adoption plan: Each student and the teachers adopt one plant every year and take its care for one year. The activity is documented on regular basis.

  • Plantation activity is organised in the pre-monsoon period in the area surrounding the Gurukul.
  • A nursery has also been developed with the help of the government for the distribution of plants to others. Every year around 2000-3000 saplings are distributed.
  • The trees on the mountains are protected from being cut. The government also extends help to the Gurukul in this cause.
  • Care of peacocks- as the Gurukul is surrounded by the Peacock Sanctuary, special care has to be taken of the peacocks which are found here in large numbers, especially during the summer season.

Energy Conservation:

Energy conservation is practiced by maximum use of non-traditional energy sources like-

  • Solar energy: Solar energy is used at residential and public places. It has taken care of problems arising out of power cuts.
  • Wood for fuel is produced in the Gurukul’s fields itself.
  • Burnt wood i.e. coal is re-used.